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Why a Psychologist?

Why seek help from a Psychologist?
  • Psychologists are non-medical practitioners with in-depth training in talk therapies--counselling and psychotherapy

  • Psychologists are required to assess their performance regularly and to upgrade their training on a continuing basis, according to guidelines set out by the College of Psychologists of Ontario

  • Fees for the services of a psychologist may be covered in part by extended health plans (though not by OHIP)

A psychologist may help...
if you are:
  • Depressed

  • Anxious

  • Unable to control anger or impulses

  • Grieving (including after a lost pregnancy)

  • Abusing or dependent upon alcohol, drugs, food

  • Self-destructive

  • Under-achieving

  • Unable to enjoy your successes

  • “too nice”

  • Searching for meaning in life

  • Seeking insight

  • Exploring your spirituality

if you have:
  • Problems in relationships

  • Post traumatic, acute traumatic, or work-related stress

  • Personality or behaviour problems

  • Distorted sense of self-esteem

  • Unresolved family of origin issues

  • Sleep problems*

  • Eating problems*

  • Irritable bowel*

  • Sexual dysfunction**if no medical reasons have been found

*if no medical reasons have been found

if you need help with:
  • Parenting

  • Major life transition including retirement, divorce

  • Sexual orientation

  • Problems with sexuality

  • Women’s issues

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