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My Approach & Practice

As a psychologist and advocate for people’s efforts to listen and deeply hear each other in order to relate in meaningful ways, I believe the most important function I serve is to do just that.  Many suffer from the profound frustration of feeling and being unheard or misheard.  In my approach I attempt firstly to relieve some of that suffering.  This focus ties in with my emphasis on facilitating self-knowledge as a way to bring about personal growth and psychological healing.  The work produces the best results when carried on as a mutual effort, not something that is done to you but rather with you.

In psychotherapy, growth and healing are fostered by exploring emotions and thoughts, identifying patterns, facing challenges and building upon strengths.  Psychotherapy integrates your personal history, past and current relationships, social context, and the events, thoughts, and feelings that occur in the psychotherapeutic situation itself.


Psychotherapy is a long-term process of psychological integration, intended to create lasting change.  Counselling is short-term and intended to clarify problems and identify possible solutions.

My practice includes work with adult men and women presenting with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, personality problems, anger, family of origin issues, abuse and trauma, addictions, grief, existential and major life transition issues, career and workplace issues, conflicts with the law, and more.  Fees are in line with the guidelines set by the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

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