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I am the author of three books:

  • Acceptance: The defining voice of validation (2019) Evelyn Sommers

  • The Tyranny of Niceness: Unmasking the need for approval  (2005) Dundurn Group

  • Voices From Within: Women who have broken the law  (1995) University of Toronto Press.

A common theme in my books is the issue of voice.  In Voices From Within and The Tyranny of Niceness the focus is on silenced voices—the ways people become silenced and the impact of silencing.  In Voices From Within I present the stories of fourteen incarcerated women, thus providing a vehicle for these marginalized women to raise their voices.


In The Tyranny of Niceness I offer a much broader view of silencing—as culturally fostered niceness.  Using real life observations and clinical examples, I present my analysis of the problem along with support and direction for finding and strengthening one’s voice.

In Acceptance: The defining voice of validation I explore the problem of invalidating ways that people talk to each other and through stories and analysis offer my view of how that happens.  The book includes practical examples of the ways we can improve communication for mutual benefit.

To Purchase my Books

CLICK HERE to purchase Acceptance: The defining voice of validation.

Available as softcover or digital download.


CLICK HERE to purchase The Tyranny of Niceness: Unmasking the need for approval.

Available as a digital download.

In Toronto: available at Caversham Booksellers (visit website)

CLICK HERE to purchase Voices from Within: Women Who Have Broken the Law.

Available as a digital download.

Articles & Press - selected now features an article by Dr. Sommers for psychotherapists, an
introduction to the use of her ideas about niceness as a diagnostic and
therapeutic tool in psychotherapy.

Why we should exorcise the curse of being 'nice' by Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun, July 16, 2005

The Tyranny of Niceness by Judith Timson, The Globe and Mail, July 6, 2005

Rural Roots, column by Peter Griffiths, Daily Herald 2005

Book Review, by Paula Caplan, PhD, for 'Acceptance: The Defining Voice of Validation'

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