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When your baby looks up at you with eyes that seem to say "Help me!"

What do you do?

As a new or more experienced parent you may feel as helpless as that new life in your arms.  You suddenly feel you have no clue how to raise a child that turns out, well, better than you.  You feel unable to calm the storm of the moment.  All you have to go on are the examples of your parents during your upbringing, maybe a slew of parenting books and some unsolicited advice.

Those things might help, but you want to do the best you can!  And you wonder what the secret is to being truly in touch with your child and a better, different kind of parent.

Something often overlooked is that the core value in parenting might be found in something as simple as validating your child's emotions.  And while validation is a common buzz word, the concept is not well understood.  









I'm Dr. Evelyn Sommers and I have written Acceptance: The defining voice of Validation to explain the concept and put it together with practical ideas for integrating validation into your way communicating.

While not a parenting book, per se, it is a book about how to communicate with children and adults alike so they feel understood, heard, loved and less alone in the world.

It is a book about you.

Through stories and analysis I address both sides of the validation problem working from the premises that:

  • Lack of validation produces emotional stuckness.

  • Validation, or the acceptance of feelings and perceptions, is central to being able to move on psychologically from a place of emotional stuckness.


"An impressive and illuminating addition to the understanding of the psychology of validation.  Highly recommended."

                                                                         Jon Harvey, Ph.D.


by Paula Caplan, PhD

for 'Acceptance: The Defining Voice of Validation'

"This is no goody-goody book but one that compellingly draws our attention to what in our hurried, overburdened lives too easily gets lost, that is, the essential human need for acceptance and validation."

If you want to:

  • Raise emotionally & psychologically strong children

  • Communicate effectively with friends & family

  • Have a better understanding of your own feelings

  • Lessen your anxiety...

Available in soft cover and digital download.

In Toronto: available at Caversham Booksellers (visit website)
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